Having a loan with a term of 180 months

Are you looking for a loan with a term of 180 months? You haven’t found an offer yet? No wonder, 180 months as a term, only a few lenders offer.

Credit institutions usually support special financing with extremely long terms. An offer developed as a consumer loan with a term of 15 years is rather the exception. We want you to receive the loan of your choice. Below we present loan offers with a term of at least 180 months.

Loan with a term of 180 months – renovate at low interest

Loan with a term of 180 months - renovate at low interest

A loan with a term of 180 months is usually needed to turn large projects into reality. Typical examples of this would be the energetic renovation and additions to the home. Loans 151/152 from Good credit lender are worthwhile if you want to bring your old-fashioned residential property up to the latest technical standards in energy saving.

For energy-efficient renovation of the living space, Good credit lender provides up to 100,000 USD for energy-efficient renovation measures. This includes insulation, but also the installation of new heating or new ventilation systems. Individual measures would also be eligible. The new windows or roof could be financed via Good credit lender 152.

You can apply for a loan with a term of 180 months, for the first 120 months, with a fixed interest rate of 0.75 percent APR. It would also be possible to extend the funding to a maximum term of 360 months. In connection with the term, borrowers also decide on the duration of the repayment-free start-up phase.

Credit conditions – special features of Good credit lender credit

Credit conditions - special features of Good credit lender credit

Good credit lender’s publicly funded loan offers flexible terms for small installments and large investments. In addition, the offer allows repayment exemption for up to 5 years, fixed interest rates up to 10 years and offers repayment grants.

For loans with a term of 4 to 10 years, 12 to 24 months repayment-free start-up phase can be agreed. Loan with a term of 180 months would be in the middle tariff zone (11-20 years) and should be repayable for 1-3 years. For even longer-term financing with a term of 21-30 years, 1-5 years without repayment would be allowed.

Interest rates that can be calculated in advance reduce the risk of being financially expensive. Interest on Good credit lender loans can be reliably calculated for 10 years. However, they cannot be determined in advance for the follow-up financing offered.

The provision commission must also be considered when calculating the costs. 0.25 percent per month must be paid for funds made available and not yet called up. A period of 12 months applies to measures from the energy efficiency program. When the exemption from commission ends, is calculated from the day of the commitment.

Free money is not taboo for publicly funded loans over a period of 180 months. If energy efficiency in accordance with the Good credit lender Efficiency House 55 standard is achieved at the end of the measure, a grant of USD 27,500 can be awarded. A subsidy of up to 30,000 USD would be possible if the Energy Efficiency Incentive Program (APEE) implemented specifically promoted measures.

Finance the cultivation at low interest rates and in the long term

Finance the cultivation at low interest rates and in the long term

Good credit lender is once again providing up to 100,000 USD (per residential unit) for homeowners who make their cultivation energy-efficient. The promotional loan 153 also offers the savings rate of 0.75 percent effective per year.

However, building owners are likely to fix the interest for the full term of the 180-month loan with program 153. Up to 20 years of fixed interest rates are planned.

Repayment grants for cultivation via program 153 can be claimed up to a total of 15,000 USD. The loan program could also be combined with the subsidy for construction supervision over 431.

Loan term 180 months – bank loan

Loan term 180 months - bank loan

Not every homeowner wants their financing squeezed into the tight corset of requirements for publicly funded loans. Without Good credit lender, it will be somewhat more expensive on the interest side. No building supervisors, energy consultants or tradesmen need to be paid for this without public funding. “Do it yourself” is possible without Good credit lender and saves more money than the low interest rate on promotional loans.

A suitable offer could be the KGSA residential loan, for example. Up to 50,000 USD in credit volume can be applied for. Lending is restricted to measures that preserve or increase the value of the property. Renovation and refurbishment from roof to basement, outside and inside the house are summarized under the purpose limitation.

The money should also flow into a new heating system, whether ultra-modern solar system or traditional crackling fireplace, does not matter. Borrowers who want to prepare for their senior days can use the loan for age-appropriate renovation.

As of May 2016, the KGSA loan with a term of 180 months would be eligible at an APR of 3.89 percent. In principle, the KGSA loan addresses the same target group as Good credit lender previously. – Only with the difference that it is not bureaucracy and external control that are responsible.

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