Visa Support

Regulations on the visa approval for foreign merchants visiting China in Meida district.
One. Service object
Local enterprises and institutions within the province, foreign economics & trade enterprises of all levels, foreign invested enterprises, private enterprises, and other institutions and enterprises who shall go to the Provincial Department of foreign trade and economic cooperation for visa notification according to relevant regulations.
Two. Relevant materials and requirements
(1st)The ”report form of Inviting foreigners to China” shall be submitted (Annex 1) for applying a visa notification in China. The format of the report form shall be formulated by the Department of foreign trade and economic cooperation of Shandong Province, which can be copied or self-made by computer. The writing must be clear and neat, also the writing tools like ball point pen, pencil, pure blue ink pen that are not conducive for documents filing are not allowed.
(2nd)At the same time of submitting the report form, the passport copy of the invited person with more than half a year validity shall also be provided. The name and passport number in the copy must be clear for identifying.
(3rd)The inviting unit shall provide a guarantee letter (Annex 2), which shall be signed and sealed by the legal representative.
(4th)The inviting unit shall provide the business license, as well as the voucher of economic and trade exchanges between the inviting unit and the invitee or its institution.
(5th)Meet any of the following conditions, you may apply for valid multiple round-trip visas for half a year or one year after providing the corresponding supporting documents:
1. Investors in China
2. Management from foreign parent company of the company in China
3. Person needs to China frequently for the execution of contract
4. Person with visa F for many times
(6th)When reporting, the documents required shall be in triplicate, one of which shall be kept by foreign trade and economic department of the city.
Three. Basic procedure
(1st)According to the requirements of the inviting unit’s own business development, and on the premise of having a basic understanding of the invitee party, the inviting unit shall apply to foreign trade and economic department of the city.
(2nd)After the foreign trade and economic department of the city signing its opinions and affixing official seals according to relevant regulations, the documents shall be submitted to the Provincial Department of foreign trade and economic cooperation for handling.
(3rd)With complete materials, the time limit of approval for inviting foreign businessmen to China is two working days since the date of receipt (excluding public holidays).
(4th)The inviting unit may collect the successful visa notification form for authorized units can be obtained directly from the Provincial Department of foreign trade and economic cooperation or through the Municipal Foreign Economic and trade departments.
Tour. Others
For countries that implement special visa regulations, the citizens must apply the visa to Chinese embassies and consulates in the country with the original copy of visa notification form for authorized units. For units and individuals who forge relevant documents for visa notifications or illegally buy and sell visa notifications, their application rights will be immediately terminated. The person or units with serious circumstances will be handed over to judicial organs for handling. The validity period of the visa notification form for authorized units is three months, starting from the date of visit in the notice form.
Documents needed for reviewing and issuing business invitation letter for foreigners coming to China
  1. Report form of Inviting foreigners to China
  2. Statement of inviting foreigners to China
  3. One copy for each of the business license and organization code certificate (with valid annual review) from inviting units shall be provided. Individual inviters shall also provide an original and a copy of the residence registration certificate issued by the registered permanent residence, as well as an original and a copy of ID card.
  4. Foreign invested enterprisers shall provide an original and a copy of the approval letter for the foreign-invested enterprises.
  5. Resumes of the invitees in both Chinese and foreign languages (including the study experience, work experience and family members' information)
  6. One copy for each of the business license, passport and visa page of entering China from the invitees’ units
  7. Detailed schedule of the invitees in China (the specific departure time shall be remarked);
  8. Business dealing records (provided by commercial type): such as import and export documents, tax payment certificates, relevant bank vouchers, contracts, orders, etc.
  9. Guarantee letter (including all the expenses generated in China by the invitees shall be effectively guaranteed. inviting units shall urge and supervise the invitees to abide by Chinese laws and regulations and departure on time. Invitees who are engaged in illegal activities, illegal detention or other accidents happened to them in China, the relevant inviting units or individuals have responsibility to assist the relevant departments to deal with the above mentioned and bear the relevant legal liabilities and expenses as well. The guarantee letter shall be signed by the legal representative of the inviting unit or by individual.)
  10. Invitee who doesn’t apply for his visa in his nationality country, an original and a copy of the long-term residence certificate in other countries shall be provided.
  11. Brief introduction of inviting units, as well as the units of the invitees.
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