Tourist guide


  • 【Baotu Spring】

    Brief Introduction: Baotu Spring serves as the symbol and landmark of the spring city-- Jinan. Bursting out into three strands, Baotu Spring keeps running day and night with a history of water spray reaching its climax as high as several feet.There are most detailed descriptions of Baotu Spring in Licheng County Annuals. Here are some of its excerpts:" Its springhead bursts out of flat ground and strands into three jets. Snow-white sprays spiral several feet into the air right out of three cavities. When Kangxi Emperor of Qing Dynasty was touring southern part of Yangtze River, he visited Baotu Spring and inscribed "Raging Torrent"in excitement. From then on, the spring has been labeled "The Best Spring in the World".

  • 【Daming Lake】

    Brief Introduction: As early as in Tang and Song dynasties, Daming Lake was universally known for its breathtaking landscape. Speaking of Daming lake,There is four peculier phenomena, namely "no sight of snakes,no frog croaking, excessive rain without water lifting, no drying- up after a long drought". Daming Lake boasts incredibly fabulous scenery. There are all kinds of fish breaking the surface of the water and various birds circling in the sky. Myriads of water lilies cover the entire lake with vivid color while gaily-painted pleasure-boats passing through. On the bank, flowers bloom like a piece of brocade while poplars and willows cast dense shadows of shade. The whole place is crowded with visitors. A variety of pavilions, terraces, castles and storied-buildings are scattered around randomly. The mountains from far away, the nearby waters and the crystal sky blend together in unbelievable harmony, just like a huge colorful picture scroll. The famous saying "Lotuses and willows are all around the city, hills and lakes are all in sight. "vividly depicts the wonder of Daming Lake.

  • 【Qianfo Mountain】

    Brief Introduction: Qianfo Mountain is one of the most famous Buddihst mountains in China and one of the three major places of interest in Jinan. Prior to Tang Dynasty, it was called Lishan Mountain or Shungeng Mountain.By the time of Jin Dynasty, Buddhism was gradually introduced into China. Rituals were held year after year, which was called "Qianfu Mountain"by common people.Under the reign of the founding emperor of Sui Dynasty, tens of thousands of figures of Buddha were carved with the mountain streams. From then on, people started to call it Qianfo Mountain. Batches of temples and monasteries were constructe. As a result, the mountain was turned into a holy venue shrouded in insenses. To the north of Qianfo Mountain flows the surging Yellow River and to the south of it lies the towering Mount Tai, the altitude of which reaches 285 meters. The mountain is covered with centuries-old trees reaching up towards the sky. Pines and cypress trees ,standing there tall and graceful,coat the valley in vibrant green.What fabulous scenery!

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