• Vienna Hotels

    Distance 2 km

    116 Jiqi Road, Huaiyin District

  • Shunhe Hotels

    Distance 2.4 km

    26008 Jingshi Road, Huaiyin District

  • Shuxiang Shijia Hotels

    Distance 2.9 km

    Intersection of Hexi Road and Yantai Road in Lashan, Huaiyin District

  • Yuhe Hotels

    Distance 2.5 km

    2668 Qingdao Road, Huaiyin District

  • Tongsheng Hotels

    Distance 1.7 km

    2668 Zhangzhuang Road, Huaiyin District


1. The prices of above rooms all include service charge and breakfast, single room includes single breakfast, double room includes double breakfast.
2. Please fill in below booking information, send it to the organization committee. We will reply you in time once we receive the order and send the payment notice to your mail box.
3. Please transfer the money within one week since you received the payment notice. If the remittance fails as scheduled, the room will be cancelled automatically.
4. The cutoff time of booking room for this time is March 1, 2021. Please contact us ASAP for the shortage of rooms. First come, first served.

Shandong New Chenghua Exhibition Co., Ltd

Contacts:Yaoyao li

Tel:+86-531-8887 9964

E-mail: yaoyao.li@chenghuaex.com

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