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Zhenjiang Zhongtian Optical Instrument Co.,Ltd,

Publish time2017-08-08

The former of Zhenjiang Zhongtian Optical Instrument Co.,Ltd, Zhenjiang Optical Instrument Factory, is the birthplace of China’s first operation microscope. For more than thirty years, as the one of most manufacturer of operation microscope in China. We have set up a strong selling network and abundant experiences in developing China medical instrument market. But we are weak in the technologies of product developing. In order to speedup new product’s developing and promote the level of the products, and keep advantaged competing position.

We have passed the certification of ISO9001:2000 and YY/T0287-2003idtISO13485:2003 and gained the CE mark. Our brand is “LuckBird”.

Address: Building 5, Sci-tech new town 2.5Industrial Park, South wei’er road, Dingmao town, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, CHINA.
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