Designated Forwarding Agent

Designated Forwarding Agent

The host unit has designated Jinan Compass Logistics Co.Ltd as forwarding agent of this exhibition by public bidding to guarantee that exhibitors can acquire high quality services at low prices.

Company: Jinan Compass Logistics Co.Ltd
Address: No. 7768 North Erhuan Road, Tianqiao District, Jinan City, Shandong Province,China
Zip code: 250032
Contact: Pan Zhengming
Tel: 155 6336 6112
Fax: 0531-6882 2086
Email: 1146564697@qq.com


During the period of exhibition arrangements, cargos are to be received by exhibitors themselves. Thus exhibiting companies should communicated with the logistics company about the time of arrival before consignment to ensure that cargos arrive during the exhibition arrangements( Namely Sep. 12- Sep.13,2017 8:00-18:00 pm).Please make sure that the contact information comes from on-site pavilion arrangement staff.
Devivery Address: No. 28 Shunhua Road, Jinan High-tech Zone, Jinan International Conference Center

In order to make sure smooth performance of this exhibition and safety of exhibits, delivery address for early arrivals and relevant contact information are as below:
Delivery Address: No. 7768 North Erhuan Road, Tianqiao District, Jinan
Contact Info: Pan Zhengming
Tel: 155 6336 6112

1. Early arrivals of cargos will generate storage and transportation charges. Charge standard: RMB 150yuan/m³(0-7 days)(including charges on transportation from warehouse to the exhibition hall. Expense of cargos with weight over 14 tons is not included), the excess part of the payments shall be determined by standard of RMB 150yuan /m³.
2. Early arrivals without being delivered by above-mentioned address shall be rejected by the host unit. The resulting consequencies shall be at exhibitors' own risks.
3. The arrivals during the time of exhibition arrangements shall be received by exhibitors. If the exhibitor fails to arrive at the venue on time, Jinan Compass Logistics Co.Ltd could provide reveiving agent and temporary warehouse services,which generates charge as below: 100 yuan/ ticket within 2m³, excess part shall be charged by standard of 150 yuan/m³, including temporary warehouse service charge + delivery fees (forklift cexpense is not included).
Time of Receipt: Monday-Friday 8:30-11:30  13:00-17:00(Except holidays)
Deadline: September 12,2017 16:00

Exhibitors can take the liberty of choosing between other transport companies to make the delivery to Jinan. However, for the sake of overall planning, all the exhibit delivery must be carried out by designated forwarding agent.
Other than the designated company, no other trucks, automobiles, forklifts or carrying tools are allowed to be used. (including trolleys, lifting platforms, cranes etc).
Such exhibitors should take all the risks and consequences he who fails to inform the conference commission in advance of exhibit sizes, weights or loads exceeding prescribed limits.(Please refer to Exhibition Hall Specifications)

Freight elevator

4: 2 units of 4 tons,Size: 2.8 meters (length)×1.8 meters (width)×2.1 meters (height)

2 units of 3 tons,Size:2.8 meters (length)×1.8 meters (width)×2.1 meters (height)

Car ladder 1: 3tons(2D),Size:6 meters (length)×2.5 meters (width)×2.5 meters (height)
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