VIP Service


VIP service

If you are in charge of procurement or a decision-maker for the hospitals, please do not miss this service.
Through VIP service, you will get the best opportunity to better understand the latest development trend of hospital construction industry. Through one-to-one negotiation with target suppliers, you may establish important business relations with them. Meanwhile, we will also build a best communication network for you to expand your network circle.

How to get VIP service?

Confirm the purchasing requirements and tasks
Login http://www.f-bod.com/visitor/download, to download the central page, download and fill in the application form and send it back to us
After the check, you will get the phone confirmation from the sponsor and receive the confirmation email and SMS as well.
Become a VIP audience. You may enjoy a lot of special treatment with confirmation email or SMS on site.

Special treatment for VIP audience

  • 01

    Free accommodation reception: the organization committee will provide two standard rooms for one night free of charge for hospitals above the county level outside Jinan.

  • 02

    Free pick-up: airport, railway station, bus station Jinan free pick-up station.

  • 03

    Provide VIP rest area: VIP rest area and free tea will be provided on the exhibition site, and tea break coupon may be gained free of charge.

  • 04

    A certain number of forum places will be provided free of charge: there will be 10 events this year and the through ticket charge is 6000 yuan. A certain number of places will be offered free of charge this time (the president's forum will be excluded this time)

  • 05

    Materials provided: a complete set of exhibition materials will be provided free of charge.

  • 06

    Business docking meeting: the personalized visiting scheme will be provided free of charge, enterprises docking and matching (tailor made).

  • 07

    Visiting and inspecting service: service of visiting and docking to the hospitals, as well as the inspecting to Jinan urban district will be provided free of charge.

  • 08

    Perennial service: free information is available all year round.

  • 09

    Personalized service scheme according to VIP customers’ demands maybe provided, namely tailor-made service.

  • Note: application form is required to be filled for any of the above service.

Contact Us

Shandong New Chenghua Exhibition Co., Ltd
Add:Block g, North District, University Science Park, Jinan high tech Zone
Contacts:Tingting Wang / Wenfeng Yu / Liang Fang
Tel:+86-531-8887 9874 / 8887 9870 / 8121 9071
Mob:+86-18363005772 / 18553132980 / 18553132983
web: www.f-bod.com
E-mail: cmee@chenghuaex.com

Exhibition time

· 2022.11.10 09:00-17:00 
· 2022.11.11 09:00-17:00
· 2022.11.12 09:00-17:00
(Stop entering the museum half an hour beforehand)
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