Date: 2024.3.15-17  Location: Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center


At present, the innovative research and development as well as quality upgrading of domestic medical equipment have reached unprecedented heights. The China International Medical Equipment Exhibition (Shandong) (hereinafter referred to as CMEE) does everything to promote the implementation of the national strategy. Integrated several elements such as the industrialization of domestic medical equipment and the innovative research and development of high-end medical equipment, CMEE has been extended to exhibit new materials and new technologies, including early cancer screening, Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, medical robots, graphene and so on. It provides a broad platform for enterprises to innovate, develop, communicate and cooperate.

  • 60,000 m2

    Exhibition area

  • 1,800+


  • 80,000+

    Professional audience


Chenghua Exhibition Shandong New Chenghua Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a convention and exhibition enterprise specializing in large-scale exhibitions, expositions and large government conferences, academic conferences, high-level forums and business meetings. It is also a member of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI). The company has an experienced, creative and enthusiastic team. With the joint efforts of more than 150 excellent employees, "Chenghua Exhibition" and "Chenghua Conference" have become well-known brands in the domestic convention and Exhibition industry. The company has been adhering to development concept of exhibition modernization, brand internationalization, service specialization & expanding diversification, and fostered and developed a series of national or regional brand events in many fields like medical heath, IT, renewable energy, logistics, equipment manufacturing industry, urban construction, building construction, tourism and others. All these earned high social appraisement and led to the leading position for Chenghua Exhibition in the industry.

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