China International Medical Equipment(Shandong) Expo

The 47th China International Medical Equipment(Shandong) Expo achieved an outstanding success thanks to the excellent work of participant invitation in its earlier period.For a long period of time, Medical Equipment Expo has attached great importace to organizing professional visitors. According to relevant statistics, more than 100 Grade ⅢA and above hospitals, 1600 Grade IIA and above hospitals,1200 clinics from within Shandong and surrounding provinces,and over 1200 health clinics in towns and townships,private medical institutions,public health agencies, as well as more than 2300 distributors ,agents and manufacturers have attended the grand gathering. By organizing a variety of actvities (such as hospital management international forum series etc.), utilizing registration system to keep track of professional visitors via such method as "One Card One Person" , over 20,000 professional participants are expected to make their presence on the scene, which in turn guarantees the size as well as quality of the viewers.

  • National Medical Apparatus and Instruments
  • Conference News of Shandong Medical Society
  • China Minsheng Pharmaceutical E-commerce
  • China Medical Devices Information Network
  • Ruijin Medical Devices Network
  • Medical Equipment Business Manual
  • Medical Devices Purchase
  • YLSW Network
  • China Medical Equipment Network
  • Medical product platform
  • Health News
  • China Medical Equipment Network
  • Maydeal Network
  • Medical Equipment Network
  • Medical devices bidding network
  • Health News
  • China Education Information System
  • Pharmacy hc360 Network
  • So-med Network
  • Medical Flow Go Compare Network
  • Xinyi Medical Equipment Expo
  • Medical Equipment Special Edition

Display Area

Medical image equipment
In vitro diagnostic equipment
Emergency equipment in operating room
Hospital equipment
Medical electronic equipment
Rehabilitation and home medical equipment
Dental equipment and consumables
Medical vehicles

Exhibition Highlight

1、 Over 30 high-end activities pertaining to hospital management, equipment bidding, QC hospital informatization, orthopedics, gynecology, medical imaging, severe cases, respiratory medicine, as well as presentation of new products technologies etc.
2、 Accumulation and classification of big data as well as accurate database services for more than 20 years.
3、 Precise matching services for hospitals and enterprises.
4、 Precise follow-up service, individulized service and personal tailor service for VIP customers.
5、Professional,stable,excellent team members up to international standard .
6、Powerful We-media offering punctual and efficient service, which aims to create an effective platform to fulfill promotional purposes .
7、 Face-to-face communication with Industry elite and hospital decision-makers ( with appoximately 40,000-60,000 visitors)
8、 50 exquisite negotiating rooms waiting in line for your reservation.
9、 Large donation event awarding ceremony

Exhibition Hall

Jinan International Conference Center
South Xinyu Road No.1,New & High-Tech Development Zone,Jinan,Shandong,China

Opening Time

2023.3.15-17         9:00am- 17:00pm (Procedures for admission are closed half-hour in advance )


China Center for Food and Drug International Exchange


Shandong Provincial Medical Association
China Chamber of International Commerce Shandong Chamber
Shandong New Chenghua Exhibition Co., Ltd


Shandong New Chenghua Exhibition Co., Ltd

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